Featured First Time Landlords

Essential Tips for First Time Landlords

Are you just getting started out as a landlord? The rental property business is an exciting adventure, and now is a crucial time to make sure you’ll succeed. In order to  thrive as a landlord, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with many aspects of the industry.

You’ll need to ensure your property is up to code and in great shape. You’ll have to promote your units both online and in the real world. You’re also responsible for screening and selecting tenants, and responding to their needs and concerns.

This article will provide you with a great jumping off point to prepare yourself to make a big splash in property investment. It’s important to set yourself up with a solid foundation to build your dreams upon.

Get the Rent Right

Charging the right amount for rent is a delicate balance. If you set your rents too high, your units may sit vacant. Experienced landlords know that there is no greater drain on their property investments than empty units. If you don’t have the regular income stream of rent flowing in each month, it can set off a negative chain reaction.

get the rent right

You also don’t want to undercharge. Undercharging on rent will result in your units being filled, without you maximizing the potential of your investment. You’ll still be responsible for the same general maintenance and upkeep, but without as much revenue to show for it.

That’s why you should conduct comparative market analysis before setting your rent prices. Once you have looked at other properties in the area, you’ll be able to determine what fair market value for yours is. Then you’ll know what you can reasonably charge.

Draft Detailed Leases

A lease agreement outlines the specific relationship between an owner and a tenant. A lease document describes the regulations and expectations an owner has for their renters, and vice versa. Good communication is the basis of any productive financial relationship, so it’s important for a lease to be clear and comprehensive.

draft detailed leases

A detailed lease should include:

  • specific responsibilities of both the landlord and the renter
  • policies for whether pets will be permitted
  • conditions for smokers, and the consequences of breaking them
  • the rent amount, as well as how it is to be paid and when
  • the consequences of late or missed rent payments, including fees and other penalties
  • lease renewal and termination conditions
  • terms and conditions related to eviction
  • clauses specific to local regulations, or the particular unit you’re renting out

A lease form should also clearly state who is responsible for fixing broken appliances, which is a common point of contention.

Be Both Firm and Flexible

Succeeding as a rental property investor is all about striking that golden balance between enforcing your terms and being receptive to change. You’ll need to be as comfortable serving a tenant a 3-day notice as with making new tenants feel welcome.

When you start out as a landlord, you’ll want to closely adhere to the terms set out in your leases. If you don’t show tenants that you’re serious about your conditions, they might take advantage of you.

However, with experience comes knowing when to cut your renters some slack. For example, you may decide to modify your pet policy after a tenant has proven their pet policy. Being lenient with tenants can earn their favor, encouraging them to stick around.

Add Some Personal Touches

Moving into a new home is always a major life event. When someone moves it is often because there has been a change in their life, such as a new job or a growing family. During major life events, our senses are heightened, which can lead to stronger memories.

add personal touches

That’s why when you are first interacting with a new tenant, it’s important to make an effort to make them feel comfortable and cared for. They’ll likely remember the consideration you showed for a long time.

A personal touch doesn’t need to be a grand gesture. Being there to give a new tenant their keys when it’s time for them to move in will help form a stronger personal connection than leaving the keys in a lockbox. You could leave some unexpected flowers for the tenant moves in, to provide a splash of color and instantly give the unit a feeling of home.

Learn Local Laws

When you’re a landlord, you’re responsible for knowing local landlord-tenant laws. These laws will dictate the rights of both you and your tenants, so familiarizing yourself with them will protect both you, your tenant, and your investment.

Some details that may be specific to your local jurisdiction include:

  • when you can enter a tenant’s property, and how much notice you need to give
  • what fees and penalties you can charge
  • when inspections can be conducted
  • what eviction protocol is
  • your maintenance responsibilities

You’ll need to ensure any terms and regulations you decide upon adhere to the Fair Housing Act, or you could face legal troubles down the road.

Think About Hiring a Property Manager

Though rental property is a great investment and can be very rewarding, there are many challenges that new landlords face. After you’ve taken care of all the steps above, you may find yourself with less free time and more stress than you imagined when you decided to become a landlord.

hiring property manager

Unexpected developments are always around the corner when you’re a landlord. An established property management company will have experience taking care of every aspect of helping a rental investment earn to its maximum potential. They’ll know how to get quality tenants and to maintain good relationships with them.

Cavalier Estates, LLC are a leader in the property management industry because of unwavering honesty and transparency with clients. Get in touch to see how we can put our simplified management plans to work for you and your real estate investment.

riverview florida things to do

Things to do in Riverview FL

Are you planning to visit or live in Riverview, FL?

Riverview is known as one of the oldest settlements in the state of Florida. Its name comes from the Alafia River – the very same river that the early settlers chose as their home base. Today, this area is located close to Tampa Bay.

Whether you live in a Riverview neighborhood or are visiting the area, you don’t have to worry about finding things to do. There are plenty of activities for all types of people including outdoor adventures, fascinating museums, and fun entertainment options for the whole family.

In this article, we are going to list the top activities you should try in Riverview and the best places to visit. You’ll learn about amusement park rides, nature trails, and other fun things in the town and its immediate surroundings of Tampa Bay.

#1: Visit Alafia Scrub Nature Preserve

One of the best ways to enjoy the Alafia River is by paying a visit to this nature preserve. The preserve has been created to protect natural habitats like creeks, scrub, ravines, and tidal marsh.

You can try out two hiking trails that are loop-style and sufficiently marked. The longer one is 1.3 mi and the shorter one covers a hike of about 0.8 mi. Many people use these trails for birdwatching. This is best done between November and May.

#2: Try Cosmic Bowling

Located in Riverview, The Alley at South Shore is a top-class modern bowling alley that offers a stunning cosmic bowling experience. This means that the whole bowling alley is illuminated with neon lights and magical shades of blue and red.

glow in the dark bowling alley

In addition to bowling, you can also have a go at their laser maze challenge. As a resident of Riverview, this place is great for kids’ birthday parties. There are 42 bowling alleys in total and a separate space for birthday celebrations.

#3: Visit Bell Creek Nature Preserve

This is the best option for some outdoor time if you don’t want to leave Riverview. The 477-acre preserve aims to protect local species from getting negatively affected by urban development.

This nature preserve has a few hiking trails that are well marked. Since this is a pet-friendly area, you can take your dog or other pets for a walk. Keep an eye out for designated fishing spots. It’s a good place for watching native bird species as well.

#4: Enjoy a Fun Day Out at Busch Gardens Tampa

You can reach Tampa in about 30 minutes by car as it’s only around 20 miles away from Riverview.

The Busch Gardens Tampa is an Africa-themed amusement park that has numerous admission options. For instance, you can get top value from annual passes or you may opt for a classic day pass.

This is one of the best amusement parks in the area. Their roller coasters are absolutely wild and have been hailed as one of the best in Florida.

#5: Visit Balm-Boyette Scrub & Triple Creek Nature Preserve

These two hiking spots are right next to each other. Most hikers choose Triple Creek as their starting point and end at Balm-Boyette. However, you can do your hike vice-versa. It won’t really make a big difference.

That said, starting at Triple Creek is a good idea because you don’t need to leave Riverview. The preserve is located right along Balm Boyette Road. Then, you can head out to Balm-Boyette which is famous for a rare Florida scrub and other protected species.

#6: Take a Pick at the Local Dining Options

There are many places to enjoy good food in Riverview. You can start out your day in the right way by visiting The Egg & I. This breakfast spot offers classic American meals to kickstart your morning.

You can cover your lunch and dinner needs in Cappy’s Pizzeria or Acropolis Greek Taverna if you’re looking for any kind of pizza or a nice Greek meal. You can order a mouth-watering moussaka, hummus, and other traditional dishes.

pizza food

#7: Enjoy Inshore Fishing

Tampa Bay is so close to Riverview. You could go on an inshore fishing tour even if you haven’t tried it before. The professional tours have you covered with expert advice and guidance on how to catch pompano, snook, and tarpon.

The fishing itself is only a part of the experience. In addition, you will benefit from getting away from the city and your daily worries. The scenery of Tampa Bay and the inlet is stunning. Most of the tours have an on-board cooler for your drinks as well.

#8: Go to Lowry Park Zoo

In 20-25 minutes, you’ll reach Lowry Park Zoo situated in Tampa. You’ll find animals from all over the world there. The main exhibition areas focus on flora and fauna from Africa, Asia, and Australia.

This zoo is claimed to be one of the best in Florida. For added convenience, all the tickets can be purchased online. As a feel-good bonus, all the ticket proceeds help the owners maintain and operate the zoo and conservation program.

In a Nutshell: Things to do in Riverview, FL

Riverview and its surrounding areas have plenty of activities for visitors and residents of all ages to enjoy.

Here are our top picks for your next visit to Riverview, FL:

  • Hike in Bell Creek Nature Reserve, Triple Creek, Balm-Boyette Scrub, and Alafia Scrub Nature Preserve
  • Go on an inshore fishing tour in Tampa Bay
  • Check out the Busch Gardens Tampa for a fun-filled day
  • Go cosmic bowling in the Alley at South Shore
  • Visit Lowry Park Zoo located in Tampa


For more information about Riverview property management, contact Cavalier Estates.

Landlord or Tenant Who is Responsible for Appliance Repair

Landlord or Tenant: Who is Responsible for Appliance Repair?

The last call you want to receive from a tenant is a frantic plea for help saying the air conditioner has stopped working, the plumbing is leaking, or the electricity is out. If you are the landlord of a rental property, these are all issues covered by the liveability standards. These standards include the basic needs for shelter.

On the other hand, a tenant pays to live in a unit as described in the Lease Agreement. Basic needs to be provided by the landlord include power, water, sewage, pest control, heating, and air. Suppose the unit falls short of that description. In that case, the landlord has an obligation to fix the item to the specification in the agreement and according to those same standards of liveability.

Appliances are another topic altogether.

So, who is responsible for appliance repair?

First, a landlord is not required to provide appliances at all, a fact many potential renters do not know. These optional appliances include:

  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Stove-top and oven
  • Microwave

These are all a part of the package the landlord provides at his/her own discretion. For instance, college town apartments will typically include all appliances due to the students’ financial situation.

Homes for rent sometimes do not include appliances. It is the decision of the homeowner which appliances they want to supply. The appliances are then listed, and responsibility will be added to the lease agreement.

As for the repairs…

Landlord responsibility:

If the landlord provides all appliances, the landlord will often want to care for them, protecting the investment. The rental/lease agreement will define the terms and the extent of responsibility.

Tenant Responsibility:

If the tenant supplies the appliance, the tenant is the one who will pay for repairs and maintain the instrument. The tenant also will take the appliances with them upon the termination of the lease agreement.

when is appliance replacement tenant responsibility


However, if the landlord has supplied the appliances and the tenant damages the appliance, that is another subject. If a tenant burns dinner on the stove, cracks the glass on the oven door, or runs a bottle of nail polish through the washer, the repair or replacement will be on the tenant. In cases like these, the tenant will want to confess to the accident and ask the landlord how they would like them to handle the issue. Honesty and transparency is the best policy.

When an Appliance Issue Arises

Should an appliance need repair, look over your lease agreement and report the repair need to the landlord. Agreeing on the way to proceed is beneficial to both parties. Not to mention, renters are often required by the terms of the agreement to report issues as they arise.

In turn, landlords are required by law to provide notice before scheduling or entering for a repair. They must also provide written notice for rental/lease violations.

Landlord/Tenant Communication is Key

In any partnership, communication is key to a positive working relationship. You can avoid a misunderstanding by keeping one another informed of the unit’s condition and all its working parts.

important to have communication between landlord and tenant

Before move-in, a tenant should inspect all appliances for damage and function. These issues should be noted and agreed upon by both landlord and tenant. This way, the tenant is sure to be held responsible only for the damage created while occupying the residence and not the previous renter.

Quick DIY Appliance Repairs & Maintenance

Some reasonable wear is expected, depending on the length of the rental. Damages are entirely different and can come out of the tenant’s security deposit or require replacement. Again, this is where knowing the language stated in the lease agreement is so important. Even an issue like nail holes in the walls and landscaping/lawncare should be covered in the documents.

Appliance repairs & maintenance can be a headache, but there are some simple and easy tricks you can do in just 5-10 minutes that might extend or fix your appliances. Here are a few tips from Gulf Coast Appliance Repair:

  • Clean your dryer exhaust
  • Check to make sure your appliance fuses are working properly
  • Clean your air conditioners filter
  • Change your refrigerators water filter
  • Clean dishwasher float switch and valve screen
  • Clear out the ice that’s stuck together or to the icebox


Providing appliances and the responsibility there-in can be a burden on a landlord. But they are often necessary items for the tenant to decide the place is worth renting. It really depends on the tenants, themselves, and the market expectations for the area.

The decision is ultimately up to the landlord. It’s particularly important for first-time landlords to make sure they’ve clearly communicated whose responsibility the appliances are.

With some time spent on a well-written lease agreement and a bit of communication, the landlord and tenant can come to peaceful resolutions to any appliance repair issues.

what to do in brandon fl

Great Things To Do in Brandon, Florida

Featured image source: FightingRaven531 / Public domain

Brandon combines small-town charm with the perks of the big city. Since it’s located only 15 minutes from Downtown Tampa, you are never too far away from the city’s activities and sights.

You’ll find plenty of things to do in Brandon itself. There is shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities that, when combined with the amenities of Tampa, can fill all your free time. 

If you’re a Brandon local or just visiting the area, the following 9 things to do will fill up your free time. If you’re moving to the area, be sure to check out these great neighborhoods in Brandon

#1: Westfield Brandon

Westfield Brandon is a mall that offers many shopping and dining options. The atmosphere of Westfield is happy and bright, giving you a chance to get some serious retail therapy. You’ll find Macy’s, JCPenney, Abercrombie & Fitch, Sephora, Aerie, and many other stores under its roof.

Once you have covered all your shopping needs, you can pay a visit to the wonderful food court. Among other places, you can have a snack or meal at Thai Max, Charley’s Philly Steaks, Aussie Grill by Outback, and Perry’s BBQ. 

#2: All Person’s Rotary Park

All Person’s Rotary Park is a great park that, as the name suggests, you can visit by yourself, with friends, or the entire family. There are plenty of places to stroll around, read a book, or have a nice picnic. The old oak trees provide shade during the hottest days.

Families with children will get a lot of value out of this park. There’s a big playground featuring a variety of equipment and even a super fun splash pad. No wonder All Person’s is frequently used for kids’ birthday parties.

fun things to do in brandon fl

#3: AMC The Regency 20

If you want to catch a movie in Brandon, then AMC Regency is one of your best bets. The location of this theater is convenient and the polite and attentive staff are sure to make your visit that much better. Further, the concession stand is big enough to cover even the most demanding tastes. Catch the newest releases here with your friends! 

#4: DayDreams Day Spa

DayDreams Day Spa is considered one of the best spas in Brandon and its surrounding areas. The experience you’ll get here is luxurious as you can relax while getting a massage. There is a couple’s massage available as well.

In addition to massages, you can get other spa procedures at DayDreams. For example, you can choose from a variety of facials as well as different manicure and pedicure sessions. You’ll feel your stress melting away whenever visiting this amazing Brandon spa.

#5: Pinot’s Palette

Pinot’s Palette is a place that fuses art, hands-on workshops, and great drinks. When you are participating in one of their events, you can either pick a painting and reproduce it or paint something using just your imagination.

In addition to paying a visit to one of their public events, you can also book a room here for a private occasion. You can request snacks, drinks, and an instructor who will guide your whole group through this immersive art experience. Paint & Sip at it’s finest!

what to do in brandon fl today

#6: Bootleggers Brewing Co

If you are trying to find the best place for beer in Brandon, then Bootleggers Brewing Co should be high up on your list. This microbrewery has a fantastic selection of freshly brewed beers. The fun and friendly bartenders can even pour you a glass of delicious mead.

The atmosphere here is laid back and it’s definitely not a presumptuous bar. Even though people have called it a nano brewery due to its size, you’ll find all your beer needs met in this place. Whether it’s porter, imperial stout, or a heady Belgian, you can find all of that in Bootleggers Brewing Co!

#7: Paul Sanders Park

This non-staffed park in Brandon could be a perfect spot for a fun day out in Brandon with your friends and family. The amenities at Paul Sanders include picnic shelters, walking trails, restrooms, and a recently upgraded playground. Opening hours of this park are from sunrise to sunset.

#8: Legend’s Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have not lost their appeal. Legend’s Escape Rooms one of the top escape rooms in the entire state of Florida. The rooms here combine the thrill and adventure that you experience when finding yourself in the middle of an ongoing mystery.

Your escape room visit will certainly be memorable. The rooms are challenging in a way that makes them a lot of fun. This top tier escape room venue has great aesthetics and high-quality audio played throughout each game. 

stuff to do in brandon florida

Image Source: David Hoffman via Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/160868805@N03/29847011167

#9: Skateland of Brandon

The skate nights at Skateland is one of the most fun activities in Brandon. You don’t need to have your own equipment as Skateland offers skate rental on the premises. While Skateland doesn’t have arcade games, they do feature a dance floor, a prize area, and a nice eating area.

Don’t forget to try their pizza (made on the spot!) if you get hungry after skating all night long. Skateland is a retro experience that fits into modern life. Definitely a place worthy of taking your kids.

Conclusion: Great Places to Visit in Brandon, Florida

Brandon is very close to downtown Tampa which means that there is an endless array of fun things to do nearby. However, if you are looking for some good activities in the area, you don’t actually have to leave Brandon.

Here are some of the top things you can enjoy in Brandon:

  • Bootleggers Brewing Co for great beer
  • Skateland of Brandon to have a good old fashioned skating night
  • DayDreams Day Spa for luxurious pampering
  • Westfield Brandon to shop ‘til you drop
  • Paul Sanders Park or All Person’s Rotary Park for a relaxing day outdoors
  • Legend’s Escape Rooms to tackle a top-class escape room challenge
  • Pinot’s Palette for nice drinks and stress-free art classes


If you have any questions about Brandon property management, you can contact a professional property manager in the area.

brandon fl to tampa fl

Moving to Brandon, FL? Check Out These 9 Great Neighborhoods

Brandon is a community 10 miles east of Tampa, Florida on the Gulf Coast. You can easily access this unincorporated community from I-4 and I-75. Brandon is the largest of its kind of community in the state of Florida.

The name of this community comes from its founder and landowner John Brandon. This area was originally planned in the late 19th century. The majority of its growth began in the 1950s as the population climbed from around 8,000 to 100,000 within a thirty-year period.

Brandon is a major urban area regardless of its status as an unincorporated community. In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn all about the top neighborhoods in Brandon. Use this practical guide to plan your investments in this part of Florida. You can also click here for a guide to the neighborhoods in Tampa if you’re looking to move there instead.

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clearwater living pros cons

Pros & Cons of Moving to Clearwater, FL

The city of Clearwater has one of the best beaches in the United States, with white sand and crystal-clear water. This area is a great place to move if you’re a snowbird, young professional, family, or retiree. 

If you’re considering relocating to this area, there’s a lot of information you should consider beforehand. As the top-rated Clearwater property management company, we have a breadth of knowledge on this. In this article, we’ll cover general information about the city and the pros and cons of moving here.

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clearwater things to do

9 Best Things to Do in Clearwater, FL

Clearwater, with its white-sand beaches and perfectly clear water, invites people to visit from all across the nation. It’s a year-round destination because of it’s warm climate, so you can expect visitors regardless of whether it’s January or July.

Clearwater has great connectivity to other cities via the I-75 corridor. It’s also close to the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport, located just 10 miles from downtown Clearwater. Tampa International is also only around 20 miles away from Clearwater. If you’re looking to move, be sure to check out these great neighborhoods in Clearwater FL

If you’re in Clearwater, there are plenty of things to do that will keep you entertained. Here are the 9 best activities you can take part in: 

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Clearwater Neighborhoods

Best Clearwater Florida Neighborhoods

Renowned for its sunny weather, Clearwater Florida is a natural magnet for tourists and residents alike. There’s a lot to enjoy in Clearwater, from its wealth of culture and lovely beaches to its marine wildlife.

Clearwater is one of the greatest places to live in Florida, with its urban-suburban lifestyle, topnotch schools, and a huge range of cafes, parks, beaches, and restaurants.

If you’re looking to enjoy Clearwater Florida’s offerings year-round, check out this list we here at Cavalier Estates have made before moving to Clearwater Florida. Depending on your taste and preference, you can pick a neighborhood more suited to your needs.

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Living in Tampa, Florida Pros and Cons

Living in Tampa, Florida: Pros and Cons

Is Tampa, Florida a good place to live?

Tampa is one of the largest cities in Florida with plenty of people moving here every year. Its sunny season is one of the reasons plenty of tourists and residents flock to this city.

If you’re planning to move to this large metro area, check out these pros and cons gathered by the top Tampa property managers to help you decide.


Pros of Living in Tampa, FL

is tampa florida a good place to live

1. Festivals

The sunny weather makes yearlong festivities possible, unlike many other cities. This means residents can enjoy a variety of fun activities in Tampa all year long, making this a lively city as a home base.

Some common festivals celebrated in the Tampa area are the Sunset Music Festival, Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Halfway There Festival of Beer, Tampa Bay Pride Parade and several others. This diverse city and its festivals make it a vibrant hub for both visitors and residents.


2. Historic areas

Those who appreciate history would enjoy Ybor City, a historic landmark in Tampa Florida. You’ll find a museum, cobblestone streets, Cuban and Spanish restaurants in this historic district. Ybor City was formerly known as the “Cigar Capital of the World”.

Presently, you can drop by the cigar factory, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. to purchase cigars. If you fancy eating at one of the oldest Spanish restaurants in the country, dine at Columbia Restaurant.


3. Rent prices

One of the advantages of staying in the Tampa area is the relatively low property rental prices in the city. For a one-bedroom apartment, the average monthly rent is around $1,100 and $1,340 for a two-bedroom unit.

In addition, Florida has no state income tax. This translates to extra disposable income for renters.


4. Various local watering holes

What is Tampa known for, you may be wondering? Well, people in Tampa enjoy celebrating, so it’s no surprise that the city offers plenty of great bars. You can find many affordable ones where handcrafted cocktails are also available.

Among bars to check out are The Hub Bar, Coppertail Brewing, Lowry Parcade & Tavern, and Ciro’s.


5. Quiet neighborhoods

Even if Tampa can be densely populated, it has pockets of neighborhoods that offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Check out the following neighborhoods: the Channel District, Ybor City and Hyde Park. These are historic and known to be tranquil spots for peaceful living.

tampa cost of living


6. Bilingual opportunities for work in Tampa

Part of Tampa’s diversity is its melting pot reputation where people from Mexico, the Caribbean and others have made this city their home. This leads to plenty of languages being spoken.

Chief among them are Spanish and English, so if you have a reasonable mastery of both, you’ll have plenty of opportunities open for you. The finance and healthcare industries have a strong presence in the city, so finding work in Tampa will be much easier.


7. Low cost of living in Tampa FL

Unlike other cities, living near a beach in Tampa, Florida doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. In addition to Florida’s zero state income tax, property taxes in Tampa hover around 2%. This makes Tampa a great place to own an investment property (click here to learn about our property management services in Tampa)

Further, the average home value in Tampa last year was around $219,000, making it very affordable compared to other beach cities around the country. So if you want to save a bit of money then Tampa is a wonderful choice.


8. Top-quality education

Parents prioritize quality education, and Tampa does not disappoint. Tampa has several above-average academies and institutions, serving a family’s best interests. You’ll also find great universities like the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa in this city.


Cons of Living in Tampa, FL

why live in tampa

1. Humidity

In the summer, Tampa can be uncomfortable with its rising heat index and humidity level. It’s best to have a solid HVAC system so you can withstand particularly hot days. During the rainy season, you’ll need to adjust and may opt to cancel your outdoor plans.

Rain and corresponding humidity are normally expected from May to September. If you thrive in the outdoors and prefer daily outside activities, then you may need to find a place that has a more suitable climate than Tampa.

The wonderful thing about this city, however, is its renowned beaches (like Ben T. Davis Beach, Clearwater and Treasure Island Beach to name a few) that you can enjoy when the heat becomes unbearable for you.


2. Tropical storm risks

Tampa is exposed to storm risks and flooding, especially during the hurricane season. Its coastal location makes it particularly vulnerable and necessitates paying for flood insurance as a property owner.

June to December are the most important months to monitor the stormy weather. Today’s technology makes it easy to be alerted and to prepare for evacuation if necessary.


3. Poor options for Public Transportation

Tampa’s transportation system is lacking in contrast to other metro cities, considering the population size. There’s no available rail system and you can only choose buses, trolley or streetcars.

tampa safety

If you live in the suburbs, it’s tough if you don’t own a car, so you’ll likely need to arrange a carpool. This may lead you to ask: how bad is Tampa traffic? Well, the upside of Tampa is that traffic is manageable and doesn’t seem to present a headache to residents.


4. Most suburbs are under a Home Owner’s Association

A lot of Tampa’s properties are managed by a HOA, so there are stringent regulations to follow. This translates to extra fees when you decide to buy a home. On top of that, HOAs can collect a special assessment charge to fund renovations and repairs in your neighborhood. As a resident, you may have to comply and pay hefty fees.

It’s best to check the HOA record before buying a property in a particular neighborhood. This grants you foresight into how well-managed the HOA collective fund is. This is an important factor to consider before moving to Tampa and selecting a property to purchase.

For more useful information when it comes to great neighborhoods in Tampa, contact Cavalier Estates LLC Property Management at (813) 344 0034. It’s best to ask local experts prior to moving to Tampa.

what to do in tampa florida

10 Fun Things To Do in Tampa, Florida

As a property management company in Tampa for fourteen years, Cavalier Estates LLC has developed extensive knowledge about the local area. This is not limited to just our knowledge of which Tampa neighborhoods you should invest in. We also know all about the best attractions and activities in the city.

As the third biggest city in the state of Florida, Tampa always has a wide variety of entertainment, dining options, and outdoor activities. While the city was hit hard by the Great Recession, it has turned itself around into a highly desirable place to live. 

One of the biggest recent projects that went on in the city was the reinvention of Tampa Waterfront and Downtown. These developments resulted in job growth and an influx of people moving to Tampa from around the country. 

In this post, you will find an overview of the top 10 activities you can do while in Tampa, whether you live here or are just visiting. 

#1: Tampa Riverwalk

The Tampa Riverwalk is a stretch of promenade that cuts through the city downtown. It’s one of the liveliest spots in Tampa. 

The northern part of Tampa Riverwalk features Water Works Park, a waterpark with fountains and play pools for families to enjoy. On the southern side of the riverwalk, there is a park full of food trucks serving a delicious variety of snacks and street food.

#2: Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium is a go-to place when you want to learn more about the ocean and sea while seeing wondrous underwater creatures. Keeping true to its name, Florida Aquarium focuses on the state’s wetland habitats.

what to do in tampa

Image Source: adobemac / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)

This aquarium is a great place for a family day trip. There are shark dives you can go on here that allow you to get up close and personal with the aquarium’s sharks. 

#3: Ybor City

You can find Ybor City in downtown Tampa. It is part of the city’s historic district. It was founded back in the 1880s by cigar manufacturers. This turned the neighborhood into a large cigar factory. 

You can pay a visit to the Cigar Museum here, which showcases the area’s fascinating history. You can also check out the old cigar mills that have been turned into microbreweries, restaurants, and hip bars. 

#4: ZooTampa at Lowry Park

ZooTampa at Lowry Park is well-known as one of the best family attractions in Tampa. This zoo has been open since the 1950s but has seen significant development in the last 10-20 years. 

You can now visit the Asian Gardens for an exotic host of Komodo dragons and white tigers. You can also visit Primate World, where you can see great apes like chimpanzees and Bornean orangutans. 

#5: Bayshore Boulevard

The 4.5-mile stretch of Bayshore Boulevard is great for outdoor activities, including cycling, jogging, skating, or just strolling around. Its sidewalk is wedged between a neighborhood of elegant historic homes and some of the best views of the Hillsborough Bay.

#6: Hyde Park Village

For some serious retail therapy, Hyde Park is a great place for shopping in Tampa. This commercial retail area may not be as big as a mall, but it packs many popular stores in a few blocks. This includes Brooks Brothers, Lululemon, Anthropologie, Salt Pines, and more. 

fun things to do in tampa

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#7: Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue is not a zoo. Instead, it’s a sanctuary that serves as a new home to big cats that have been orphaned or abused. Today there are about 80 majestic cats on the premises, including tigers, cougars, and lions.

#8: Tampa Food Halls

The biggest food hall in Tampa is Armature Works. It’s a 22,000 sq ft space with an extensive variety of food vendors and communal seating. You can enjoy sweeping views of Hillsborough River and Downtown Tampa while enjoying a delicious meal.

Another notable food hall in Tampa is the Hall on Franklin. This is a European inspired specialty food hall. It has a lot of dining options, including places like Poke Rose, Fork & Hen, and Xilo.

#9: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens is a legendary American theme park. Since 1959, this attraction has expanded to over 130 hectares in the northern part of Tampa. It is known for its great mix of animal experiences and adrenaline-fueled rollercoasters.

Here you can find Florida’s tallest launch coaster, a huge zoo, and America’s first dual tailspin waterslide. Additionally, there are many live entertainment shows by talented performers.

#10: Hillsborough River State Park

This State Park is located only minutes from Downtown Tampa. It has 7 miles of nature trails that you can explore with your friends or family. You can even kayak or canoe river rapids (class II), which is rare in Florida.

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You can also go mountain biking, horseback riding, geo-seeking, and camping in Hillsborough River State Park. The park offers tours and wildlife viewing as well. It’s even possible to arrange your big wedding day in a unique natural setting.

Top 10 Tampa Attractions

Tampa is a city that pushed itself up from depths of the Great Recession, reinventing its key areas and creating a highly desirable place to live in. Some of the city’s top hotspots and activities include:

  • Ybor City
  • Tampa Riverwalk
  • Florida Aquarium
  • Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  • Food Halls: Armature Works and Hall on Franklin
  • Bayshore Boulevard
  • ZooTampa at Lowry Park
  • Hillsborough River State Park
  • Big Cat Rescue
  • Hyde Park Village


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