Are Tampa Bay Tenants Expected to Change HVAC Filters?

Air filters get a lot of use in Tampa Bay homes, thanks to the extreme heat that keeps our air conditioning systems running almost all year long. Today, we are going to talk about air filters because changing them regularly is an essential component of protecting your system and the overall condition of your rental home.

Filtering and Circulating Air

You can always tell a dirty air filter from a clean one by looking at it; but there are also things you can listen for when it comes to filters. A dirty air filter is loud. You’ll notice when the air conditioning kicks on because you’ll hear that filter. A clean air filter, however, will do a good job of restricting air flow through your HVAC system, so it will be nice and quiet. You’ll hardly know it’s running.

Air flow will circulate properly when the dirty air filter is replaced by a clean one. The system will not have to work as hard when it has a clean air filter, therefore keeping the energy bills down. If you do not change your air filter regularly, it can also cause the system to freeze up and stop working. Air conditioning systems are expensive, so it’s important that you ensure you’re changing them regularly or your tenant is changing them regularly. When tenants know that clean air filters keep their utility costs down, they will be likely to help you maintain the system with regular filter changes.

Air Filter Life Span

The life span of an air filter depends on a few things, including whether or not you have pets and where your filters are located. If the filters are kept up high and you don’t have any animals, you can usually keep a filter in place for between 60 and 90 days before you have to change it. If you have dogs or cats, you’ll want to change those filters more often; probably as often as once per month.

When your air filter is down closer to the ground, you should change them every month. Sometimes they may even need to be changed multiple times a month. Dust that is easily kicked up from the ground will get sucked into the filter. When air filters are higher towards the ceiling, they’ll pick up less dirt and dust.

Scheduling Air Filter Changes

It’s perfectly acceptable for you to require your tenants to change the air filters. You can include this in your lease as part of your tenant’s maintenance responsibilities. You wouldn’t go in and change a light bulb for your tenants; you’d expect them to change the light bulb themselves. It’s the same thing with air filters.

At Cavalier Estates, we like our tenants to change the air filters as frequently as necessary. If tenants do not change their air filter and the systems goes down, they will be required to pay the air conditioning repair bill, which can average up to $500.

Scheduling Air Filter ChangesIf you have any additional questions about filters and your tenants’ responsibilities, please contact us at Cavalier Estates. We’d be happy to tell you more about Tampa property management.

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