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Neighborhoods in Tampa to Live or Invest In

As a major city of the Sunshine State, Tampa is a popular place to live or invest in real estate in. The city’s waterfront area and urban center have a new look and feel, receiving renovations after the city made its comeback from the Great Recession in the mid-2010s. 

The combination of the warm, sunny climate and low-income taxes makes Tampa even more attractive for homebuyers and property investors. If you’re looking into investing in Tampa real estate, check out the following list of neighborhoods in the city. They’re great areas for real estate investments or to live in Tampa.

#1: Spanishtown

The community of this neighborhood has grown rapidly due to an influx of young professionals. This neighborhood used to go by the name South Tampa. Today, it’s known as Spanishtown.

The population of Spanishtown hovers around 3,000. The neighborhood is known for having great schools, low crime rates, and a host of outdoor activities for residents to enjoy. 

The cost of living in Spanishtown is higher than in other Tampa neighborhoods. However, the possibility of leading an active lifestyle in an attractive area of the city evens out the price difference for many. 

#2: Bayshore Gardens

Bayshore Gardens is a waterfront community located next to Hillsborough Bay. This neighborhood offers an enticing mix of beautiful scenery and comfortable suburban homes. For those who want a calm residence with scenic views, Bayshore Gardens is the perfect pick.

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However, this neighborhood does provide some urban entertainment options despite its overall serenity. There are restaurants, coffee shops, and bars located in close proximity to most of the homes in this neighborhood. 

Note that there is another neighborhood called Bayshore Gardens located in Manatee County next to the Sarasota Bay. This often gets mixed up with its namesake in Tampa.

#3: Harbour Island

Harbour Island’s central location in Tampa raises its appeal for many investors and homebuyers. This neighborhood is also gated, so you’ll get the benefits of living close to the city center while still residing in a safe community. 

The lifestyle of Harbour Island residents is unique. You can jet ski, dock your boat, and go fishing along the shore near your house. This neighborhood has been described as a close-knit island village.

#4: Courier City/Oscawana

Courier City/Oscawana is a great neighborhood for both working professionals and retirees. The area has a low crime rate and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

However, the cost of living here is a bit higher than the average of a Tampa area. This increased cost is offset by the neighborhood’s affordable housing. The median home value in this neighborhood is around $298,000 and average rental prices are about $1,550.

#5: Hyde Park

Living in Hyde Park provides you with close access to the scenic Bayshore. Many residents of Hyde Park value the neighborhood’s historic architectural look. 

Image Source: Ebyabe / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

This neighborhood is both family and dog-friendly. It provides residents access to plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. The public schools in the area provide children with a great education. 

#6: Beach Park

Beach Park neighborhood is lodged between West Shore Palms and Stoney Point. The waterfront area of this neighborhood has many peaceful spots with a view of the bay. Housing in Beach Park is most expensive on the western end of the neighborhood. 

Beach Park is a great neighborhood for families. The area is close to downtown Tampa. Residents are only 15 minutes away from popular attractions in Tampa, including shopping, and work opportunities. At the same time, it’s a safe suburban area that has top-quality educational facilities for families to raise their kids in.

#7: Channel District

Channel District is a vibrant neighborhood in the downtown area with many apartment buildings and condominiums. Residents of Channel District are within walking distance to Amalie Arena, the best sports venue in the city. 

Residents of Channel District love its location and easy walking access to the city. Living here provides easy access to the top attractions in Tampa, including the Florida Aquarium and the Riverwalk. 

#8: Davis Islands

Davis Islands is the perfect neighborhood for those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. The neighborhood has beautiful, modern homes. 

Residents here often use golf carts to get around. The neighborhood has a mix of residents who are retirees, young professionals, and families. 

Image Source: Robert Neff / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

Davis Islands provides close proximity to downtown Tampa, including the Bayshore Boulevard, Amalie Arena to see the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Tampa Riverwalk. The neighborhood provides many running trails, marinas, and even a sailing club for residents.

#9: West Meadows

West Meadows is a beautiful neighborhood in Tampa with a population of 4,115 people. This area has many great amenities and activities for residents to fill their spare time. Living in West Meadows provides close access to numerous dining and shopping options for residents. 

West Meadows is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Tampa. Much of its expansion and development began in the 1990s and continues today. Overall, the area is desirable for property investors. 


Tampa is a great Floridian city to live or to invest in real estate. This city has a number of great neighborhoods that provide excellent quality of life to its residents. Some are up-and-coming areas and others are already well-established communities. Some of the neighborhoods with the best features include: 

  • Harbour Island
  • Channel District
  • Spanishtown
  • Davis Islands
  • Hyde Park
  • Bayshore Gardens
  • West Meadows
  • Beach Park
  • Courier City/Oscawana

You could also check out our guide to great neighborhoods in Brandon if you’re looking to move nearby to Tampa while still living in a more residential community.

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