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The top real estate agents in Tampa, Florida have been partnering with Cavalier Estates to help bring their businesses to the next level for well over a decade now.

With all the information you need at your fingertips, the Cavalier Estates app for Realtors is a must-have for anyone buying or listing property in the Tampa area. You’ll have direct access to property management experts at Cavalier Estates when you use our app. 

Here are some of benefits of using the Cavalier Estates app for Realtors!


Boost Your Confidence with Clients

While showing a property, you can request a rental analysis on your phone. As soon as the report comes available, you’ll receive a notification. Better yet, the rental analysis can be viewed anywhere!

The quick delivery and simplicity of a rental analysis will be valued by your clients. The ease of getting all your information in one place also means you save the time and stress of sorting through documents and emails.

Maximize Your Earnings By Referring Investors

When you refer your investor clients to us, they’ll benefit by working with a top property management company. Not only this, but you’ll also benefit from our referral payments. 

Tracking your referrals is easy with our system. You can check the status of the referrals you provided, and we’ll send you a notification when these statuses change.

Be on Top of Local Rental Industry Insights

The latest investor trends, tips and news will be readily provided to you. This way, you’ll have all the information you need to succeed in the local market.




Precise Rental Analysis for Investors

Providing your investor clients with an accurate rental analysis is a must. With a response time of under an hour within our app, you can request a fast and free rental analysis during showings! 

Professional rental market experts will provide you with precise and up-to-date information straight to your phone, boosting your confidence with your rental analysis results.

Substantial Referral Payments

A referral payment of $500 will be provided to you every time one of your owner clients takes on the Cavalier Estates app to manage their rental property. 

Additionally, we offer a Refer Back Guarantee, meaning your owner clients will be referred back to you when they wish to buy or sell property. This way, we’ll partner with you by offering mutual support!

Fast Rental Rate Comparisons

Being both free and fast, our rental rate comparisons can be provided through the Cavalier Estates app. We have an extensive network of professional resources so we can tell you exactly how much your property will rent for in the local rental market.

Accurate Investment Analysis

By working with the Cavalier Estates app, you’ll benefit from knowing the local market trends and information to best maximize your investment success.

Updated Legal Overviews

Knowing the laws that relate to properties is vital. Luckily, the Cavalier Estates app stays on top of all the legal information that’s relevant to your properties. You won’t have to worry about being taken by surprise when it comes to new laws.

Our Team

Having been in operation since 2006, Cavalier Estates, LLC is a real estate brokerage with a specialty in property management. With reasonable fees, we manage single-family and multi-family properties. In fact, we offer Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans to suit a variety of rental properties under different costs. We believe in offering the services that are the best fit for you and without hidden fees. 

Our dedicated team has the experience and skills necessary to maximize your investment and help you reach your financial goals. We can cover all your property management needs so you can rest easy. By using the Cavalier Estates app, we can provide you with a direct link to the top professionals in the industry. You’ll have full support with our management. Contact us today to learn more!

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Best rental property management company in the Tampa Area. Matt shared a lot of good information with me and took care of everything. Answered all questions and all pricing was transparent.


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