Do You Need a Property Manager?

If you’re new to the field of property management, the endless responsibilities might be overwhelming to you. Perhaps you’re self-managing your properties, but they have grown over the years, and you find yourself stretched out trying to care for them all.

There’s no substitute for professional experience, and an excellent property manager will provide you with plenty of benefits. It might seem like these come at an extra cost, but the time, freedom and relief from stress they provide should be enough incentive for you!

Below is a list of reasons a property manager can be beneficial to your rental property investment. If these suit your needs as a landlord, then you should hire a reputable property manager.

Benefits of Hiring A Property Manager

1. Professional Expertise

Professionals rarely make mistakes. Mistakes can be costly, so you want to avoid them. If you’re just starting your rental business, it can pay to take advantage of others’ expertise in the field.

Professionals have proven experience, superior people skills, and manage properties with excellence. Having the help of people with these skills is a great benefit to your business.

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2. Prompt Response to Maintenance Issues

Property maintenance makes up the bulk of property management. It can also affect the marketability of your rental unit. As professionals, property managers know what to prioritize.

A good property management company has a checklist of things to look for during their regular, seasonal and drive-by inspections. They also know a great number of licensed contractors in the industry.


3. On-Time Rent Payments

One of the best things about hiring a property manager is the consistent and guaranteed income they can bring. On your own, dealing with tenants who pay late or skip payments can be frustrating.

With advanced technology, numerous payment methods and a strong grasp on landlord-tenant laws, property managers can make the rent collection process painless. This allows you to forget the trouble of late payments, and enjoy the steady income of your investment property.

4. Well-Executed Marketing Strategies

Partnering with a property manager gives you an immense advantage in the marketing realm. They know the demographics to target. They understand the needs of the market. They know what price your rental property should be listed at.

They conduct analyses and balance them with the demand. They have a full arsenal of tools guaranteed to stimulate market interest. They also know what marketing technique to employ for attracting high-quality tenants.

When using the proven strategies of a property manager, your vacant rental unit will be occupied in no time.

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5. Quality Tenants

It’s not easy to land high-quality tenants. These are the ones that pay rent on time, take care of your property and abide by the rules of your lease agreement. As an experienced professional, a property manager is able to spot red flags while assessing an applicant.

A property manager will carefully review income sources, employment history, landlord references, credit reports and criminal background.

It’s much more likely that you’ll find a responsible, reliable tenant when working with a property manager.

6. Low Tenant Turnover

As your professional representative, a property manager knows how to deliver outstanding customer service. He can nip minor issues in the bud before they become larger problems.

Property managers also how to take care of tenants and continually exceed their expectations. Every tenant has a different personality, and a property manager’s people skills will help your tenants remain loyal and renew their leases year after year.

7. Ease of Management for Distant Properties

Managing a rental property that’s in your own area is hard enough. If your property is miles away, the difficulty is multiplied.

It would make more sense to hire a property manager to oversee any far-flung properties. This way, you won’t have to travel for inspections and rent collection, saving you time and transportation costs.

A local property manager can respond promptly during emergency cases and resolve issues right away. This is essential, especially for problems that require immediate attention.

8. Professional Management for Multiple Properties

The larger your portfolio of rental properties, the tougher it will be to manage alone.

Dealing with multiple issues, complaints and requests can run you ragged. Having a property manager handle these will give you more freedom to focus on expanding your portfolio.

Instead of worrying about every small detail of property management, you can concentrate on growing your business. Let the mundane tasks be handled by professionals. You’ll rest easier knowing you’re on top of things when you check your financial reports each month.

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9. Compliance is Ensured

If you have multiple properties in different states, it can be difficult to keep up with specific laws and legislations. It can certainly drive you to confusion.

Having a property manager protects you from making a costly legal error. Compliance is guaranteed, since a property manager is always up-to-date with the current laws. As professionals, they are bound to adhere to property laws and shield you from accidental legal blunders. 

10. Minimal Stress

If you don’t have a large threshold for stress, then hiring a property manager will be beneficial to you. They can ensure that minor issues are attended to, including anything from property to tenant matters.

They’re able to deal with conflicts and support tenant retention. Property managers are experienced in dealing with different types of people and situations. 

If you need a property manager in the Tampa area, call Cavalier Estates, LLC at 813-344-0034 now and enjoy the hassle-free professional management services we offer. You can also contact us online.

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