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Are you looking for a professional and skilled property management company in Clearwater, FL?

If you are, look no more. Cavalier Estates LLC has had experience in conducting business in Florida property management since 2006 in the Clearwater community. We manage multi-family and single-family homes, as well as other kinds of properties. We serve many areas of Florida, including Tampa, Riverview, and more.

During this time, we have been able to develop experience and help many Clearwater landlords and property owners realize their investment goals while managing their units. To our company, property management is both an art and a science.

We blend the two components with our professional property management services to provide our clients with exceptional customer service and a proven system towards investment success. This enables them to minimize vacancies and maximize ROI from their residential properties. Clearwater property owners who use our full service have more free time than ever before. 

We pride ourselves as a professional property manager that offers simplified property management plans (pricing) and flat rates.

Basically, contracting us as your residential Clearwater property managers means you get a name you can trust! We’ll provide full service management solutions to property management issues that will exceed your expectations. You’ll experience less stress and more free time than ever before! You name it, we will handle it.

What are you still waiting for?

Contact us today by phone or email and let us do what we do best – provide you peace of mind and more free time through full quality, professional property management and real estate services.

You can contact our management team by emailing us at or giving us a phone call at 813-344-0034. Let us manage your residential investments for you!

Our professional Florida property managers will be delighted to walk you through our management options and answer any questions you might have about hiring us to manage your Clearwater rental. Reach out to us today!

Our Clearwater Property Management Services

Cavalier Estates‘ Clearwater property management services are professional, technologically innovative, and cost-effective. Moreover, our services are custom-made to fit each owner’s property management needs. This ensures we’re able to fully maximize your ROI and provide you more time free from the management of your Clearwater property. 

Whether you are the owner of a unit local to the Clearwater area, Florida or an out-of-state investor with multiple investments, rest assured that as your property manager, we have you covered with the right tools of full service management. The following is a list of some of our most popular, professional services for investment units in Clearwater.


Clearwater Rental Property Marketing

As a property owner, are you struggling to find a quality tenant for your Clearwater rental property? If so, we completely understand how frustrating that can be. A rental property vacancy is a nightmare no landlord wants, and leasing your rental is the goal.

Fortunately, this will be a thing of the past once you hire us and get access to our professional Clearwater property management services. We incorporate a multitude of real estate advertising strategies to feature a vacant rental home to as many potential occupants as possible. This ensures we find the right kind of tenant for your local units.

We’ll begin our full management marketing service by taking high-quality pictures and videos of the rental property. Next, our services continue to include performing a thorough inspection, and using our expertise in the Tampa Bay area to promote the rental property on multiple listings.

Thanks to these efforts, we can get various applicants in contact and fill your rental property vacancies in a short period of time. In fact, in the vast majority of cases we service, it takes us fewer than three weeks to find a tenant to fill each owner’s rental home.


Tenant Screening

Problem leaseholders can be a pain to deal with. From residents who refuse to pay rent, to those who cause negligent rental property damage, to ones who refuse to move out of your rental home, at Cavalier Estates LLC, we have seen it all throughout our years of leasing and managing properties!

That’s why our property management team attempts to minimize landing such residents by subjecting every applicant to a full, thorough selection method. Our professional screening service verifies numerous matters to ensure you get only the best, high quality tenants on the real estate market for your rental home. We’ll find them for you!

Among them is the tenant’s income. As part of our service as your property manager, we only allow leaseholders who make at least 3X their monthly income to continue with the progression. Another thing we confirm is the tenant’s full credit rating. We figure if a tenant is responsible for their finances, odds are great they will respect their rent payment obligations as well.

Other things our management team will authenticate as part of our screening services include the tenant’s rental, criminal and employment status.

Throughout this process, we abide by all the provisions of the Fair Housing Law. This means our screening process is fair to all individuals interested in your rental investment. As an owner, you won’t have to worry about handling any of this and you’ll have free time to focus on other things. Give us a phone call today!


Rent Collection

Tired of chasing down rent at the beginning of every month? If so, get started with the full service us property managers at Cavalier Estates LLC provide to avoid this issue. To be an owner hunting after rent payments is not only a hassle, but it’s also time-consuming, cuts into revenue and impedes real estate cash flow. In other words, it’s bad for the investment of property owners!

When you get started working with us as your property management and real estate company, rest assured knowing you’ll get paid on time each month! With us at your service, we’ll make sure your property investment is lucrative. Contact us today by giving us a call or sending us an email to get access to our management service!

When we service you as your property manager, we employ various tactics to make sure we get your rent payments each month for your investment. First and foremost, we comb through the leasing agreement to assure it’s detailed in regard to rent-related terms. For example, when and where it is to be paid, the sum of late fees and grace period, if applicable.

Another method is providing tenants with simple and convenient rent payments and channels of contact. Among these is an online solution.

Should a tenant fail to honor their obligations, rest assured we’ll handle it. Our management team will follow the Florida landlord-tenant law to bring the leasing matter to one speedy and successful conclusion. As your property manager, it is our duty to ensure you have good tenants.


Property Repairs & Maintenance

Your real estate investment property is obviously treasured and needs to receive regular management and maintenance. Without proper maintenance, the property’s value depreciates. Buying a property is a huge financial and emotional undertaking for property owners. At Cavalier Estates LLC, we understand that! As your property management company, we’ll work to care and safeguard your property, so it remains in topnotch condition at all times through regular inspection and maintenance service. 

Warranting that your investment property is in great condition from undergoing maintenance procedures is beneficial in multiple ways. For one, tenants are more likely to rent your home long-term. Secondly, it’s your responsibility as a landlord and owner. Thirdly, systematic maintenance can keep the overall maintenance budget of your property in check.

Besides being on call to respond to tenant property maintenance requests from tenants quickly, we’ll also frequently inspect the property as your property manager. This will help our property management keep in check of the amount of maintenance necessary. 


Financial Reporting on Your Property

When you hire us to service you as your real estate and property manager, we will regularly update you on your Clearwater investment property’s performance and the expenses that go towards it, such as property maintenance costs.

All you’ll have to do is log into the portal to access the reports. You’ll never have to worry about finding out the financial performance of your rental home ever again.

You can also contact our management team by giving us a phone call or email at any time if you have questions regarding these reports and this service! We’ll find out the answers to even your most difficult questions.


About Clearwater, Florida

Located west of Tampa, the City of Clearwater is located in Pinellas County, FL. According to the most recent census estimates, Clearwater has a population of about 116,478 people. This makes it the 16th largest city in the state.

It is supposed to have received its name from freshwater springs that ran near the city when it was first built. 

The city is over 100 years old and is an ideal destination for travelers of all ages and interests. There are many attractions that are especially appealing to those visiting with a young family. Some of the best attractions this community has to offer include:

  • Shephard’s Tiki Beach Bar – A popular beachfront bar and grill with live music and dancing.
  • Florida Botanical Gardens – County park with beautiful wildlife that’s great for a family day out (25+ Gardens & Dog-Friendly).
  • Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill – A colorful beachfront dining venue with pool tables and live music.
  • Capital Theatre – A historical art deco-style theatre now hosting musical acts and classic films.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

We provide full property management and real estate services in the following areas of Florida: Brandon, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Town-n-Country, Riverview, Pinellas County, Oldsmar, Westshore, Westchase, New Tampa, South TampaBay Crest Park, Beach Park and Citrus Park.

If you have a rental home in Clearwater, contact us today by giving us a phone call or email to get started with our services! We would love to work with you in the management and maintenance of your Clearwater investment property.

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