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What Does Cavalier Estates in Tampa Bay Do for Rental Owners?

Cavalier Estates manages single family homes in Tampa and the surrounding bay area, and today we want to share our elevator speech.

If you watch our video that goes with this blog, you’ll see that I’m actually talking to you on an elevator.

Cavalier Estates in Tampa Bay: What We Do

Single family homes and luxury condominiums in the Tampa Bay area are our specialties. There are a number of services we provide our owners. We find tenants, market your property, place tenants, and take care of everything you and your property need.

Investment Services and ROI with Cavalier Estates

Even more important than the day to day management we provide is the return on investment (ROI) that we help you achieve. Finding and placing long term tenants is the key to this strategy. That longevity provides long term cash flow for you.

If you’re looking for a good, strong professional property management company in Tampa and the surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Cavalier Estates. We’d be happy to tell you more about what we do, and we’d love to help you earn more with your rental property.

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How Does Property Management Software Benefit Tampa Bay Rental Owners?

Property management software helps us to manage your home more efficiently and effectively. We work with Appfolio, which is totally integrated with the reports we run for owners, tenants, and vendors.

Our software helps us to do a number of things, and today we’re talking about how the technology benefits rental property owners.

Online and Electronic Payments

Tenants can pay rent online, and we are able to pay owners and vendors electronically. This enables us to work from anywhere; even from a cell phone. In addition to making and receiving payments, this software helps us get reports to you and to tenants. It has built-in texting and email capabilities. This allows us to maintain a trail of every conversation we have with tenants and with vendors. There’s no way to dispute what we do, because it’s all documented.

Property Management Software: Reviewing the Dashboard

If you take a look at our software dashboard, you’ll see that it’s pretty complex. We have tabs that cover payment delinquencies, maintenance, move-in and move-out inspections, and payments. We track metrics so we know how many maintenance orders are in place and which payments are overdue. We always know who is moving in and who is moving out. There’s a tab for leasing that shows vacancies, applications, and leases.

We can take care of everything right here. When it comes to listing properties online, we’re able to syndicate all of our available homes to the MLS, Zillow, HotPads, and other sites. We can text back and forth to tenants looking for homes, and gather all of their information in our guest cards. Prospective tenants can use this software to request appointments and apply for homes.

Saving Money for Owners and Investors

This software helps us save you money. We can figure out problems quickly with an easy break down of activities related to tenants, owners, vendors, and the tax authority. We track receivables, payables, journal entries, and GL accounts. Recurring maintenance orders are programmed in advance and tenants can contact someone 24 hours a day with repair emergencies. This makes maintenance easier on tenants and less costly for owners. For example, if the garbage disposal quits, the people at the call center can triage with the tenants before sending someone out.

There are tons of reports we can generate with this software. We can run any tenant reports, property and unit reports, or accounting reports. Our information helps us to do a better job for you. It helps us manage our communication, including letters and surveys to tenants.

If you manage your own properties, look for a property management software system. If your management company doesn’t have something that provides these details, think about switching. It keeps you out of trouble. If you have any questions or you need a strong property management company with good technology, contact us at Cavalier Estates.

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A Tampa Bay Management Company Warning: Rental Owners Be Aware of Property Scams

Has your landlord told you to pay with cash?

Be careful.

There are a lot of scams out there, and cash makes it easy for people to get away with illegal activities. There’s no way to trace it or get it back.

We want rental property owners and tenants to be aware of the scams that are out there.

Scam Alert: When Tenants Think They Have a Property

Many times, tenants call us and tell us they’re ready to move into a house, and we don’t know who they are.

That’s because they’ve been scammed. Another party has told them to visit a property and look inside the windows, and the prospective tenants did that, and gave them money. Usually, these scams charge about half our rental rate. We have learned it’s best to always have a sign in the window that lists the actual rental rate. We advise people not to give anyone cash or to wire money. Work with a property management company directly.

Licensed Property Management Companies

We are a real, licensed property management company, and I’m a licensed broker. We advise people to protect themselves by never handing over cash. Use certified funds in the form of a money order or bank check that can be traced.

You want to play by the rules.

And, ask for credentials. We met one person who was scammed out of $2,400. She was told that rent was $800, and she paid the first and last month’s rent as well as a security deposit. This tenant was so enraged at the scam that she broke into the house and started living there anyway. We eventually had to evict her.

This is not something we want to go through. Check the company out when you contact them, and make sure you know it’s a real management company.

Visit FREC.org, which is Florida’s business regulation website. Regulated companies are listed, and you’ll find us there.

If you have any questions about property management in Tampa and how to avoid scams, please contact us at Cavalier Estates.

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