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Quality Rental Management in Brandon, Florida

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Cavalier Property Management is a trusted name in the property management industry. Since 2006, we have been managing single-family and multi-family properties in different Florida areas. Among these areas are Tampa, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Town-n-Country, Riverview, Oldsmar, Westshore, Westchase, New Tampa, South Tampa and Citrus Park.

With a fully dedicated team that has strong communication skills and solid expertise. Cavalier Property Management has got what it takes to be the leading caretaker of your property investments. We are driven by transparency and integrity and our goal is to maximize our clients’ income opportunities.

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Reputable and Professional Team

At Cavalier Estates, your investments in Brandon, Florida, are of paramount importance to us. Always razor sharp focused on transparency, we exercised a flat rate and zero hidden costs approach. Freedom and a sense of peace is what we aim for our clients to experience working with Cavalier Property Management.

Maintenance upkeep, reconciliation of financial data, enforced rent collection, high-quality tenants and maximizing revenue are part of our multitude of services. Meeting our targeted objectives of optimal profit for the property owners, clear business transparency and exemplary customer service are what Cavalier Property Management is excited to deliver to you!

Our Property Management Services 

Developed over the years and earning us an impeccable reputation of excellence, Cavalier Estates LLC has a full range of services that are critical to success in the rental property business.

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Strategic Marketing of Property

Armed with high quality pictures and videos, Cavalier Property Management is particularly attentive to details. We aim to attract plenty of potential tenants so we make our presentation as attractive as we can. Our marketing materials are done tastefully with a professional touch. Marketing is a highly visual world and we strive to communicate and advertise powerfully.

Cavalier Property Management utilizes multiple listings and other effective marketing channels. High visibility is key in finding a wide pool of potential renters. We study our target market thoroughly and use a variety of strategies and resources.


Excellent Tenant Management

Our focal point is customer retention so Cavalier Property Management is driven to exceed tenants’ expectations. We give our maximum efforts and find ways to be openly approachable and effective in communication. Tenants are assured that we really take care of their needs. This leads to a low turnover providing property owners with a loyal clientele.

We make technology work for us by offering tenants with ready access through an online portal. It’s an efficient tool for service requests and a convenient payment channel.


Timely Rent Collection

Online payment is part of Cavalier Property Management’s strategy to collect rent promptly. We enforced our rent collection policies firmly. We want to motivate the tenants to pay on time and avoid skipping payments or paying late. As such, we have input strategies that discourage inconsistent payment patterns. Investing in technology has transformed rent collection into a hassle-free affair earning peace of mind for the property owners.

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Property Repairs & Maintenance

There are guidelines to managing a rental property and maintaining a habitable space for the safety of tenants is paramount. Cavalier Property Management is keen on this. We are responsive to tenants’ request and assertive in finding ways to improve the property for greater marketability.

We are also particular about air quality and cleanliness. This is the primary reason we offer new air filters to the tenants during the leasing period. We don’t charge the property owners for this and treat this as our resolute way of executing preventive maintenance.

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Systematic Financial Reporting

Our clients can expect monthly email statements and year-end statements to be delivered to them. Running a property rental business requires meticulous documentation. Cavalier Property Management invests in advanced software like AppFolio to automate processes. Both property owners and tenants can greatly benefit from this. Property owners can keep track of their financial affairs.

About Brandon, Florida

Brandon, Florida is located in Hillsborough County, Florida. As of 2010, its population has risen to 103,483 departing from 77,895 from the previous year. It was John Brandon who first established this community in 1857.

Brandon, Florida is a large city complex driven by a strong economy, mild winter climate and impressively attractive downtown areas. It’s graded as one of the best places to live in marked by several amusement parks and superior schools.

Families will enjoy the fun activities at Greater Hillsborough Fair for its animal attractions and classic carnival entertainment. For a great selection of shops and restaurants, residents head to Westfield Brandon.

There are beautiful oak trees present throughout the city. They’re hugely present in parks like All Persons Rotary Park and Bertha and Tony Saladino Park.

All in all, Brandon, Florida exudes a high quality of life that residents appreciate and visitors look for.

– Data sourced from Wikipedia

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