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Cavalier Estates, LLC is a real estate brokerage and property management company focused on full service property management of single family homes and multi-family properties in Tampa, FL and the Tampa Bay area. As a property manager, we take first lead in the real estate industry due to our dedication to complete transparency with our Tampa clients. We guarantee that you’ll get no hidden management fees from us. We pride ourselves on our simplified management plans and flat rates. Our Tampa property management group and business makes time to work hard towards giving you the experience of a maximized return on investment. Start with a free rental analysis to see your investment’s potential and we’ll go from there.

Why Choose Us Over Other Property Management Companies in Tampa FL

We Offer a Variety of Property Management Services Including:

Property Marketing

We know to make sure to take high quality pictures and videos of your Tampa residential property, perform thorough inspections, and make use of our expertise of Tampa market conditions to advertise your residential property on multiple listings to potential tenants. In no time at all, we gain the right audience. Once we have attracted interest, we conduct tenant screenings, during which we review rental history, any eviction records, credit reports and criminal background, to guarantee that you rent to qualified tenants. You will find that this acts as eviction protection for you, as our Tampa property management company prevents the acceptance of problem renters in your residential property.

Simple Plans

First, once you've decided you want to work with us, choose between our Silver, Gold and Platinum property management plans. With no hidden fees and percentages like other companies, you see up front exactly what services you are paying from your bank account. Working with a professional Tampa Bay property manager for your rentals has never been easier. Ask about our Titanium plans where we guarantee the rent even if the home is not rented. For Tampa Bay property owners that own more than one investment, you might like our MPO plan.

Financial Reporting

Our Tampa management company uses an online property management software called Appfolio that provides our landlords with detailed monthly and year-end financial reports of their investments. Our Tampa property managers know the importance of this aspect of your investment and want to make sure that accessing these reports is a breeze. With our resources and best practices, any property owner or home owner in the market is provided peace of mind and kept informed of all documents needed to stay up to date with the financials of your Tampa property in Florida.

On-Call Maintenance

Our group of licensed and insured property maintenance workers, at any time of the day, are only a phone call away for renters' issues and requests for Florida residential home repairs; 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. During the term of the rental property lease, we get new air filters delivered right to the Tampa home at no cost to the owner as the best preventive solution.

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Happy Tenants and Satisfied
Property Owners

Our Florida property management company will guarantee transparency and dedication to going above and beyond for both the tenant and landlord, making Cavalier Estates the preferred Tampa property management and real estate group that you’ll want to work with. Investment and property owners find they can experience more cash flows from their investment rentals, solid rent collection and longer lasting quality renters through tenant screenings. If resident turnover is needed in the Tampa rental property,  we know to plan our tenant screening process fast and well in advance to make sure downtime between them is minimal in your residential properties. With us as your dedicated property manager, all maintenance requests for your Tampa properties are dealt with in a timely manner.

Giving You Peace of Mind With an Experienced Tampa Bay Rental Management Team

Our team of fully experienced Tampa property managers provides the integrity and attention to detail needed to make sure our vast investment management portfolio is managed efficiently and responsibly. Our property managers have the skills and provide the quality services needed to get your property to the next level and want take care of your properties. Our goal is to give property owners peace of mind with our quality services. Florida home owners, make sure to contact us and reach our Tampa property management team or phone us to get in touch with our investment company and you’ll even receive one free rental analysis today!

A Full-Service Approach to Tampa Property Management

To begin, Cavalier ensures that your property is rent-ready through its correct pricing, property maintenance and cleaning. With professional photos, videos and online channels, your rental property will be seen by as many prospective tenants as possible. We syndicate your rental ad on multiple top real estate sites such as Zillow and Realtor.com. 

We aim to have your property rented within just three weeks under our property management. Our team has your marketing needs covered!

Finding the right tenants is vital when it comes to your rental property’s success. With our thorough tenant screening process, Cavalier can find you the best tenant and avoid unnecessary stressors. 

When assessing prospective tenants, our property managers make sure to look into their credit history, employment and income level, potential eviction history and any criminal records. We strive to find tenants who are responsible and can pay their rent on time.

Are you tired of chasing down tenants to collect their rent payments? Cavalier can handle this for you! Every landlord knows that, even with reliable tenants, late rent payments are bound to come up now and then. 

Luckily, we minimize this by offering tenants multiple means of rent payments, including both traditional and online options. You can sit back while we collect a steady income for you. We maximize the comfort of both landlords and tenants with our flexible rent collection methods.

Here at Cavalier Estates LLC, we take our lease agreements very seriously. For example, if a tenant is unable to pay rent, we are quick to notify them of the issue. If they still fail to pay their rent, we will move forward with eviction proceedings as a last resort. 

Making sure tenants comply with the lease agreement can be a daunting task for property owners. Our years of experience allow us to handle any lease agreement issues quickly and with minimal conflict.

Understanding landlord-tenant laws down to the smallest detail can be an overwhelming, but necessary, task. Cavalier Estates LLC ensures that your rental property is legally compliant. Our property managers are regularly updated on all property laws. This way, we can provide legal protection to your investment property and give you a sense of security.

We guarantee that we’ll take care for your property as though it were our own. As such, Cavalier has an on-call maintenance crew ready to respond to any maintenance request. We only use the services of licensed and insured maintenance teams. Proper maintenance protects the value of your investment property and minimizes tenant complaints. 

Generally, we inspect our clients’ properties four times per lease term. This includes when a tenant moves in, when seasons change, when we drive-by and when a tenant moves out.

Here at Cavalier, we greatly value transparency. We wish to keep property owners in the loop on how their investment property is faring. We offer our clients an online owners portal that is accessible anytime, anywhere. 

To be more specific, we use a highly-competent property management software called Appfolio. Appfolio provides landlords with yearly fiscal reports as well as detailed monthly reports on their property’s performance. You will never be left wondering about your finances!

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Best rental property management company in the Tampa Area. Matt shared a lot of good information with me and took care of everything. Answered all questions and all pricing was transparent.
Cynthia Owen
I would highly recommend Matt and his staff to anyone needing Property Management services. Their customer service is excellent and the company’s tiered property management plans are priced competitively with no hidden fees. I will use their services again.
Sandra Hammerbacher
Matt and his team of property managers provide proactive and professional service in managing my rental condo. As an investor I don’t worry about the property because Cavalier takes care of everything and keeps me in the loop.
Ron Heim

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